GeoKidz Educational Geology Dig Kit

GeoKidz Geology Dig Kit –

Uncover treasures! The GeoKidz Dig Kit includes well over a dozen hand-selected rocks and minerals! Find treasures such as beautiful quartz points, amethysts, opal, jasper, calcite, pyrite, and more! Each kit includes:

  • Bag of sand and hand-selected rocks and minerals (about one-pound of rough minerals and rocks!)
  • Sieve to uncover your treasures.
  • Hand-trowel to continue digging and exploring.
  • Mineral identification card to help identify your minerals.
  • Sample bags for collecting and storing.
  • Drawstring backpack to take your gear to the field!

Dig kit comes in a 10x14 Burlap bag

Fun activity for Spring Break, Summer Outings or adventures at the park.

- $-27.50
  • $27.50