Devine Flame - Energize & Inspire 8 oz Candle

Discover, awaken, and stimulate one of the body's primary energy centers (also known as a chakra) through the age-old ritual of burning a candle and meditation. Energize & Inspire crystal intention candle is made to remind you that you are innately creative, inspire that creativity. To show you that you can have fun, & also get work done because you deserve to.

With Orange Calcite & Hibiscus.
Scent: White Peach & Hibiscus
With Orange Calcite & Hibiscus:
Orange Calcite: The stone of creativity. It inspires you, energizes your soul, & brings out an optimistic outlook. It rules the sacral chakra.
The Affirmation: ”Creative energy surges through me now & leads me to new & brilliant ideas.”

8 oz.
Organic Coconut Wax Candles
Made with Positive Energy & Intention
100% vegan, handmade, phthalate-free fragrances & essential oils
Hand dried Botanicals & Thoughtfully Sourced Crystals
One Woman Business
Made in small batches
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Customer Reviews

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Diana Gordon
Energize & Inspire 8oz Candle

This candle was for me and I truly love the smell it makes me happy to do some work with candle lit ! I love the little orange stone at the top it gives it a special essence to the candle !!

Lisa M
Finally and Thank You!

I have a lot of allergies and soy is the top if the list, so I was excited to find this brand and a few candles. This is the first one I have lit. The scent is soft but not hidden. It gave my place a light fragrance without being too much. It is just right! I do love the crystal inclusion, as well.