Addition - Turmeric Cocktail Spice

Take your drinks to the next level. The ultimate accessory for any bartender or beverage enthusiast, Addition Cocktail Spice lets you customize your drinks to suit your exact taste. No chef would dream of cooking without reaching into their spice rack; why should drinks be any different?

With Addition Cocktail Spice just a few drops will add complexity to your favorite drinks. Experiment and customize and enjoy!

Turmeric root looks like a cross between ginger and a carrot, but its complex floral flavor and ultra-intense yellow color are familiar to lovers of yellow curry everywhere. Turmeric’s mild earthiness and subtle heat add wonderful, layered aromatics to a wide variety of cocktails – try it in virtually any gin drink, in a classic Manhattan or even in neat tequila.

4 fluid oz. 45% ABV

Flavor Profile: Savory Spice

Try It With: Rye, Scotch, Vodka, Bourbon

Complimentary Spices: Cardamom, Cubeb, Cumin, Fenugreek, Garlic, Rosemary

- $-18.00
  • $18.00