Waugh Enterprises

Makes Food Better & Healthier

Lopez Island, Washington

Randall Waugh grew up in Texas surrounded with plenty of good food and generous portions of Love.  He found his way to Lopez Island, Washington in the early 1990’s and he gives thanks all the time that his path took him there.  He played around with making hot sauces over the years and enjoyed sharing them with friends.  When he bundled the Chicaoji flavor together, friends encouraged him to make a business out of it. 


Chicaoji provides Randall a livelihood but more than that, it allows him to accomplish and support many things and practices that he considers valuable. 

  • Organic food production – the single most important long term choice people can make to influence society
  • Sustainability – protecting the biological (agricultural) heritage for future generations
  • Local –  where possible, raw ingredients for Chicaoji Sauce are sourced from local and regional growers
  • Food Production & Processing Education In Schools – supporting school programs that teach this curriculum to the young generations


“I want to do something with what remains of my life that will be beneficial. I like that we came up with a condiment that people enjoy eating made with ingredients can contribute to physical well being. Many people who know about nutrition and the value of eating raw organic foods read Chicaoji’s list of ingredients with eyes widening in recognition. It is actually fun to watch these folks read the list. A simple reality is that if you only have a bowl of grains, greens, or water Chicaoji can add enjoyment and nourishment.   Food is medicine. I hope that Chicaoji can help people in this way.”   — Randall Waugh, Waugh Enterprises

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