Washington Soap Company

Where Moisture Comes Naturally

Mukilteo, Washington

Washington Soap Company produces some of the World's finest Hand-Crafted Soaps and Lotions. They only use the finest ingredients such as All Natural Gluten-Free Vegetable Glycerin, Goat's Milk, Shea Butter, Organic Loofah as well as other specialty essential oils and fragrances.


They are passionate about creating high quality products that lock in Moisture.  In the Northwest we have plenty of moisture and they have found a way to use it! So I guess you could say that they are "ALL about the MOISTURE" and base. Since Vegetable Glycerin is one of their main ingredients, you may be surprised to know that Glycerin actually attracts moisture, thus their soaps draw moisture to your skin vs. the drying effect of most soaps. You will instantly feel the obvious difference. (If you left an unwrapped bar of their soap outside over night...the next day it would be covered with "Bobulates" of moisture. (Bobulate is a word Washington Soap Company invented that means "Tiny Drops of Moisture") That's why they use Glycerin. 


Enjoy the products of Washington Soap Company..."Where Moisture Comes Naturally"  TM

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