Thea Candle Company

Be The Light For Yourself & Others

Seattle, Washington

Thea Candle Co. was founded in April of 2020 by undergraduate students studying Entrepreneurship at the University of Washington in Seattle. Upon discovering some of the dark secrets to the candle industry, and seeing so many experiencing hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team knew that they wanted to make a meaningful and positive impact on the planet and community. The passion for creating a candle with many benefits and a motivation to uplift others led Jennifer Em and Olivia Baddeley to turn Thea Candles from a class project to an official business. 


Their Mission - Thea Candle Co. is an aromatherapy candle company dedicated to inspiring self-care, uplifting our community, and supporting social causes they care for. 


Their Values: Thea is committed to creating aromatherapy-inspired candles with the best ingredients, charming scents, and minimal but eye-catching designs. They use locally and ethically sourced coconut soy wax and wooden wicks for an eco-friendly burn along with 100% natural essential oils that are pleasantly blended to promote health and overall wellbeing.


In an effort to promote sustainable living, they designed refills to encourage customers to reuse their vessels among many upcycling options. They also hold themselves accountable to the environmental footprint they leave, using recyclable packaging and eliminating as much plastic as possible while ensuring your candles arrive home safely. They hope that their message and lighting one of their candles inspires you to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


15% Given - Fifteen percent (15%) of profits are given to support various health and social justice organizations to advance research, increase awareness, and reduce the stigma and prejudice. Together, they fund reliable, charitable initiatives and contribute to a happier, healthier society.

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