Stocked Pantry

Bringing The Best Ingredients Into Every Pantry

Seattle, Washington

The Stocked pantry story ... Stocked has set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products every day. They are a local community of food entrepreneurs sharing ideas, resources, and a communal space aka Stocked Studio. They craft a variety of small batch items in-house at Stocked Kitchens, all with special attention given to simple ingredients, bold flavors, and striking packaging.  They work with 500+ specialty shops, markets, and restaurants across the nation to share their products with the world. Through sharing their resources and collaborating, they’ve realized they're better together than separate. 


The History...Back before Stocked, their founder, Bryan Mitchiner, was co-founder of Mustard and Co. In 2013, he and Justin Hoffman started making small-batch mustard in the back of a kitchen that they worked at. While growing the business, Bryan began taking inspiration from all of the other makers in Seattle, and he knew that he wanted to share more beyond their bold mustards. Through Stocked, they now are able to do that.

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