Put A Little Spunk In Your Life

Bothell, Washington

"SPUNKS" pumpkin seeds with a kick started out many years ago while Rolands & Jennifer Abermanis were living in New Orleans. They took them along as a dish to share with others or for soup and salad toppers. They always wondered why they had nothing left over to bring back home? In some circles PUNKS are short for pumpkins, but these are seasoned and somewhat spicy. And that's how they got "SPUNKS". Triple organic certified Grade AA high quality pumpkin seeds are only used. Their facility only produces pumpkin seeds (pepitas) so there is no risk for cross contamination, therefore eliminating any peanut or nut allergies. They have many customers who have contacted them just to say THANK YOU for that. Their secret dry roasting recipe involves NO oils added. By doing so, the shelf life is extended, due to the reduction of rancidity. They manufacture and package in Bothell and warehouse in Freeland, Washington on Whidbey Island. Enjoy their healthy snack and put a little spunk in your life!
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