Spencer LLC

Sustainable Manufacturing

Monroe, Washington

Cabinetmaking runs deep within the Spencer family DNA. Their ancestors brought their cabinetmaking skills with them from North Carolina when they moved West in the early 19th century. The family still has a Walnut corner cabinet built by founder Carl Spencer’s great-great-great-grandfather circa 1857, along with a secretary desk built by his grandfather and great uncle in 1903. In 2005 Carl Spencer started his cabinet making company in Monroe to fill a strategic blind spot in the industry. They experienced steady growth and along the way, Carl and his wife Dottie Spencer discovered that the basic Toyota Production System works as well for designing and manufacturing cabinets as it does for automobiles. The green organization they built yielded exceptional product design flexibility, high quality, and unmatched service — all for a very affordable price. Today, Carl’s son, award winning cabinetmaker Will Spencer, carries the torch and maintains the commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Spencer repurposes their surplus premium hardwood remnants into beautiful striped multi-wood cutting boards. 

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