South 40 Snacks

Seattle, Washington

After 12 tireless years reinventing the trail mix and packaged nut snack category and turning a small nut company, Sahale Snacks, into a household name, Josh Schroeter took some time off and rediscovered one of his favorite childhood pastimes – eating sunflower seeds. "Sometimes when you have a passion, you just gotta do something about it." 


They launched SOUTH 40 SNACKS in 2018, intent on disrupting and reinvigorating the stagnant in-shell sunflower seed category. They believe that simple is better. They source a unique varietal of high quality seeds that are bigger, better and tastier, they roast and salt them to perfection, and package them so people can experience the delicious nutty and sweet flavor of a freshly roasted premium seed. They also think their packaging is pretty cool and they know it’s all part of the experience. Already a favorite of football and baseball pros, anglers and hunters alike, their seeds really have to be seen to be believed. Many of us have fond memories of hanging out and eating sunflower seeds and their goal, with seeds that are so satisfying and so simple, is to give people one of the best possible ways in the world to pass the time.