Bewilderness - Mini Tree Tessellation Puzzle


How do you create one big tree from 16 little trees?  It's possible with this adorable Mini Tree tessellation puzzle.

What's a tessellation puzzle? Essentially, it's a puzzle with a repeating pattern that covers a surface with one or more shapes, with no gaps or overlaps between the shapes. Cut a puzzle with a tessellating pattern and you have a challenging, mind-bending jigsaw on your hands! In Mini Tree, all 16 tree-shaped pieces come together to make one bigger (but still bite-sized) tree.


  • Wooden puzzle is precision laser cut from high-quality birch and basswood ply, 3/16" thick.
  • Printed on ultra-premium photo paper for the ideal finish.
  • Completed puzzle is approximately 4.5" (h) x 2.5"(w).
  • Each puzzle comes in a stylish little organza bag.
  • Pieces: 16

Makes a fun party favor, desktop toy, thank you for attending gift, stocking stuffer or memento of our state gift.

Puzzle Appropriate Age Level:  3+ (some puzzles may have very small pieces)

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- $-15.00
  • $15.00