Bewilderness - Forest Mist Tessellation Puzzle


You'll definitely see the forest for the trees in this puzzle because there'll be 550 trees just sitting there waiting for you to put them together! In what could be Bewilderness's most challenging jigsaw puzzle to date, you'll have to navigate through the mist and trees in order to put together their first tessellation puzzle.

What's a tessellation puzzle? Essentially, it's a puzzle with a repeating pattern that covers a surface with one or more shapes, with no gaps or overlaps between the shapes. Cut a puzzle with a tessellating pattern and you have a challenging, mind-bending jigsaw on your hands! In Forest Mist, all 550 tree-shaped pieces come together to make the forest. The pieces are not exactly identical, so you can thank the puzzle creator for cutting you some slack, and including side edge pieces that connect. Some trees go one way and some the opposite, but each only has one place to fit in this puzzle. Due to the shape of these pieces, a clean and stable surface is recommended for maximum enjoyment.


  • Wooden puzzle is precision laser cut from high-quality birch and basswood ply, 3/16" thick.
  • Printed on ultra-premium photo paper for the ideal finish.
  • Puzzle Creator: Ahnna Colwell, a Bewilderness employee
  • Completed puzzle is approximately 11.25" (h) x 16"(w).
  • Includes a small photograph of the final image to aid in assembly.
  • Each puzzle comes in a clear biodegradable plastic zippered bag, wrapped in tissue and placed in a glossy gift box with magnetic closure.
  • Pieces: 550
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Puzzle Appropriate Age Level: 3+ (some puzzles may have some very small pieces)

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