Fern Street Pottery City Mug - Coffee Heart Mug

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  • $55.00

A hand-thrown porcelaina (porcelain / stoneware) smooth clay mug of substantial weight (approx. 1 lb) with a sturdy handle and is meant for daily use.  Text and Heart design are impressed into the clay so you can actually feel the texture on the surface, then it is stained. Lovely white clay exterior with a beautiful turquoise green glaze on the inside. Note how the glaze sits in the subtle ring lines inside the mug—these are throwing lines created as the potter manipulates the clay on the wheel.

  • Fired to over 2100°
  • Food safe
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Lead-free glazes
  • Hold approximately 12-14 oz / (about 1.5 cups), 4" (h)

Each one is handmade so no two are exactly alike but they will be well matched.
Coffee tastes better in a handmade mug!