Origin Nuts

Easy To Eat In-Shell Macadamia Nuts

Vancouver, Washington

Origin Nuts is an extension of Mrs. Bui Thi Thao's multi-generational family farm in Vietnam. She came to America from Vietnam in 2007 as a student. Later, after becoming an American citizen, she traveled home to discover that her older brother had planted macadamia nut trees on their farm shortly after she had left, back in 2008. 


The few trees were planted on the top of a hill, realizing they would shelter the other trees below, allowing them to grow strong and healthy. Macadamia nut trees only grow in tropical and frost-free regions. Out of 19 varieties, only two types produce edible nuts, the Integrifolia and the Tetraphylla. It takes 5 to 7 years to produce edible nuts, so planting a tree is just like raising a baby. With their trees now in the edible nut bearing stage, she worked with her family and a macadamia supplier from Queensland, Australia (the birthplace of the macadamia nut), and Origin Nuts was created to share these delicious nuts with the world. 


Origin Nuts is driven by a mission to provide you with the most natural, best tasting macadamia nuts loaded with nutrition. They process all the nuts in Vietnam with their innovative cracking process dubbed "single blade cracked" and found a way to keep the nut in nature's protective shell but still be able to open the hardest of nut with your bare hands. Their high standards for quality control allow them to confidently say they have the best tasting nuts in the world. 


"We love these nuts and supporting family farms, which is why we are collaborating with the Queensland Australia farm, and Knapick Family. Together we produce the highest quality, best tasting macadamia nuts." — Mrs. Bui Thi Thao, Founder

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