Snoqualmie Valley Candle Company Seattle Spring Showers

Set an uplifting and energetic mood with the enticing Spring Showers candle. The delightful fragrance will gently fill the air and create a happy, lush garden vibe.

The Seattle Spring Showers scent is invigoratingly minty with sweet florals.

  • Top Notes: Crisp Mint, Citrus
  • Mid Notes: Honeysuckle, Rose Water
  • Base Notes: Orris, Lily of the Valley

Does it rain a lot in Seattle? Seattle has approximately 150 days of rain per year totaling about 37 inches. Contrast that with the Olympic National Park’s Ho Rainforest which gets a whopping 140 inches per year and Seattle seems pretty dry. In the springtime these rains help the flowers grow and the floral displays in the backyards, hillsides and forests in the PNW are spectacular! This spring inspired candle line is all about everything flowers to celebrate this season. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, we believe “the earth laughs in flowers” too.

All of Snoqualmie Valley candles are made with 100% natural, renewable, USA produced soy wax. They use all cotton wicks without any lead. Their fragrances are sourced to be of the highest quality standards and are free of phthalates. Their packaging is recycled, recyclable or reusable. Each 8 oz candle has a burn time of 40+ hours with proper care.

Candle Care: Your first time lighting the candle, please burn the candle until you have a melt pool that goes edge to edge. This process usually takes 2-3 hours and will prevent “tunneling” so your candle will last longer. Trim wick to ¼” before each use to reduce unnecessary smoke. Keep away from drafts and vents. Follow all safety instructions on the candle warning label.

As seen on King5 Weekend Women's History Month feature, 3/5/2023.

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  • $24.00