Marie's Bees

Doing Our Part To Help The Bees

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Raw. Local. Small Batch.

Bellingham, Washington

Marie's Bees, established in 2017, is a 100% women owned company based in Whatcom county, Washington.  Rooftop Beekeeper Marisa Papetti raises honey bees in an urban setting and gives Hive tours in Fairhaven where you can bee a Beekeeper for day. They have been keeping bees since 2014 and they work with female beekeepers all over the PNW to bring you raw honey using sustainable practices from over 100 hives.

Passionate About Our Endangered Pollinators - Bees are no longer something to be feared, or run from, her mission is to help the bees.  In her ongoing efforts to help the pollinators, in 2021 Marisa became part of the team that tries to capture virgin Murder Hornets in the area before they can destroy local bee hives. Keeping bees first and foremost teaches calm. Bees react to our energy, so if you are calm they will be calm. Sitting and watching them, Marisa has learned to listen to the bees. With inevitable gains and losses every day in her hives, living in the moment is paramount. The bees and Marie are honored to share this beautiful and delicious local resource.


No really, it's raw PNW honey - Every honey is as unique as wine. Each month their little pollinators fly out into the fields and forests, collecting pollen from a wide range of seasonal plants. This variety changes the flavor and color of the honey they produce. Because the honey is made from local pollens, consuming locally-produced honey can help alleviate seasonal allergies for some. Seasonal Cottonwood allergies plague so many in our area, especially in May and June. Adding local honey during cottonwood season could help reduce allergy symptoms tremendously.

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