Lee Lee's Pumpkins

Hand Knitted Yarn Pumpkins

Spokane, Washington

Lee Lee’s Pumpkins, first began in March of 2020 in Spokane, Washington.  Ashlee McCaslin always enjoyed crafting as a hobby and at the time, she was struggling with a lot of serious health complications and was told by her doctors that she needed to rest. With that in mind she searched online for "restful" craft ideas and when she found a pattern for a pumpkin she thought that they could be used for both Halloween and more broadly as Fall décor giving them a long decorative use; plus "they were just really cute". When she created the first pumpkin, she made one for her best friend. "I was so excited to share it with her and this excitement was the inspiration to start a business and make the pumpkins available for others to enjoy."  Never imagining how successful the business would become, Ashlee soon engaged her mother's help to keep up with demand. The duo of Ashlee and Carolee, hence the name Lee Lee's pumpkins, hand knit each pumpkin and each stitch is full of love and passion for their product.  The popularity of the pumpkins continues to grow and they now sell their pumpkins to people and companies all over the United States. These pumpkins make great decorations and truly enhance the fall holiday season