K'ul Chocolate

Chocolate As It Should Be, Clean & Delicious

Sharing The Human Story Behind Chocolate

Bellingham, Washington

The word K’UL is Mayan for “the energy and interconnectivity between all living things.” This word encapsulates everything K'UL is trying to do. K'UL exists to change the way chocolate is made and sourced by working directly with women and small farmers at origin. K'UL believes that if they put their energy into directly supporting women, they will help break the cycle of generational poverty. Time and again, they have seen how investing in women means you are also investing in their families and communities. Founded in 2015 by Paul Newman and Ariana Lee-Newman, K’UL is one of the only organic, fair-trade certified, direct trade importers of cacao in the United States that ALSO produces bean to bar chocolate. Their mission is to change the way cacao is sourced through their innovative sourcing program that works directly with women’s associations and small plot farmers. Their program bypasses brokers and enables them to pay upwards of 40% above market prices for cacao. By buying direct, they increase the living wage at origin while controlling costs for their consumers.
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