Kingfisher Specialty Coffee

A Coffee Lover's Dream

Kingfisher Specialty Coffee is located on Vashon Island in the Pacific Northwest. They specifically chose the Kingfisher bird as their name and logo because of the year-round presence of these wonderful birds on the Vashon Island shorelines. Kingfishers have a unique rattling sound and are fun to watch as they fly like aerobatic pilots along the shoreline and dive straight into the water for their catch.


Having previously built two roasting and retail operations over the past three decades co-Founders Michele Malarney and Kent Holloway wanted to continue with their experience in specialty coffee and build into their business model an opportunity to give back to their local customer communities – specifically youth activities. They were inspired by the work of Paul Newman and his “Newman’s Own” retail line which has sought to create natural staples and snacks along with the determination to donate profits to charity. In addition, they were also inspired by the tradition of the Girl Scouts to sell cookies to fund club events. They are bringing together the spirit of these two organizations using premium coffee as their retail catalyst.


Kingfisher Coffee uses emerging e-commerce tools to provide both existing blends as well as the opportunity for all coffee lovers to create and have delivered to their door their own personal blend and varietal of freshly roasted coffee. They sample roast every batch and can deliver high-quality products to support both large-scale as well as small micro-roasted quantities directly to the customer.