Joe Chocolate

Bits of Buzz In Every Bite

Seattle, Washington

Joe Chocolate (like a cup of Joe) began as a class project at the University of Washington in October of 2015. The team wanted to help their friends stay energized through midterms and finals, and what better way than combining chocolate and coffee! Quickly, more and more of their busy friends heard about this new caffeinated snack, and started taking it with them wherever they went. They realized their wholesome and caffeinated chocolate was more than just a tasty study snack, it was becoming a part of their friends’ lives.


Their friend took the trip from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, and among incredible stories to share, told the team some of his longest days, when another mile sounded impossible, Joe Chocolate is what kept him going. Stories like this make them proud of what they’ve created.


The Joe Chocolate team loves great food, the energy it gives them, and what it allows their bodies to do. They believe the best energy comes from natural ingredients and less processed food. So, whether you’re trudging along in the upper alpine or expertly cruising through the afternoon commute, Joes chocolate is for you! Bits of Buzz helps you be your very best. 

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