Mount Rainier Fireweed Honey

Bee favorite Fireweed is a plant that enjoys cool and moist climates and thrives in Pacific Northwest forestlands as a restorative plant after wildfires. It is also considered one of the most prolific plants for honey production with its nectar having a high sugar concentration.

Enjoy this single-source "lightly spicy" or "buttery" honey by the spoonful or delicious in teas, on biscuits, peanut butter and banana sandwiches, smoothies, in salad dressings and more.

Even great when mixing mocktails or cocktails, a natural option with an added depth of flavor. Simply create Honey Water to use as an alternate for simple syrup - 2 parts honey to 1 part HOT water. Stir until dissolved. Keep in a squeeze bottle and refrigerated or on ice. It will add a little local Washington kick to any drink.

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100% Pure Honey, pasteurized.

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