Girl Meets Dirt - Barrel Aged Peach Tree Bitters

Just named a 2020 Good Food Awards Finalist! Girl Meets Dirt bitters are an exquisite example of their evolution - from the roots to the buds to the blossoms to the fruit and all the bits left behind, they’ve made something anew. As naturally made as it can get, they macerate all the wee sticks and stems and pits left behind from their preserving process in a locally distilled apple spirit and age them in a barrel used by the same local spirits maker, Orcas Distillery.

Their Peach Tree Bitters highlights the simplicity of the whole fruit, and the surprise flavor a humble pit can provide. We tease out the flavor with orchard aromatics (dandelion root and Madrona wood) and let an apple brandy barrel and time do the rest. Barrel aged, floral, sweet and bitter, with no added sugar or artificial flavors, enjoy it alone dashed in to sparkling water, or adorning our shrub based old fashioneds. Dash it in any cocktail recipe requesting bitters. Cheers to the fruit and back! 1.69 oz


Handmade on Orcas Island

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  • Alcohol, peaches, peach pits, peach tree wood, aromatics
  • 50ml / Contains alcohol / 40% abv