Chalo Seattle

Whimsical Travel Gifts

Bellevue, Washington

CHALO SEATTLE is a travel gift and lifestyle design company that focuses on expressing the unique experience of a city and its people by weaving together concepts from yesterday, today and tomorrow. 


Bellevue based designer Danialle An-Shukla, and her team at Chalo bring a fresh, fun look to keepsakes, gifts and products, expressing the uniqueness of the people, culture, art, expressions, and icons of a city.  Through Chalo, Danialle celebrates the very heartbeat of a city:  its people.


What sets Chalo Apart? They are design and product centric and are specialists in design innovation.  They focus on quality, not quantity and we think you’ll agree! Their whimsical, iconic gifts celebrate the uniqueness of individuals, cultures, and places.

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