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Donations Made Transparent

Newcastle, Washington

Buy Give Share is an online business-to-charity platform that normalizes donation transparency by leveraging modern technology and social media capabilities.  James Wang is the visionary behind Buy, Give, Share.  As an advocate for knowing that companies can optimally grow through the act of giving back to society, James believes that this area should be taken further beyond its current state.  His vision comes from various key gaps he found when helping non-profit organizations while working as a leader in pharmacy.  James comes from a strong corporate background in pharmacy from leading several pharmacies in various markets to leading large centralized regional teams.  James has also operationally designed many key pharmacy programs that have been praised to help optimize and modernize the industry.  


James left his stable pharmacy job after the birth of his daughter to build Buy Give Share.  He wanted to be an example to her that people who dream big should try to go for their dreams.  And in February 2021, the company was founded by three childhood friends who share the same vision in Newcastle, Washington.


With modern technology (ie smart phones, internet connectivity, video sharing, etc.) through the use of their platform, the charity can now directly show or tell donors the type of positive impact their money is making.  This transparency will ultimately lead to more donations because people will have more trust with less hesitation.  Their model and platform is unique to the market as all parties involved can find value while making a difference to our community. For more information please go to


Made In Washington Partnerships:

  • Puget Soundkeeper Alliance   June 1 - 30, 2022.  Purchase (1) 6 oz SeaBear Smoked Salmon and we'll donate $5; or purchase (1) 1 lb SeaBear Smoked Salmon and we'll donate $10 to Puget Soundkeeper Alliance. Join us in supporting an organization that protects and preserves the waters of Puget Sound, because everyone has a right to clean water.
  • Birthday Dreams   April 22 - May 31, 2022.  Purchase (1) 6 oz SeaBear Smoked Salmon and we'll donate $5; or purchase (1) 1 lb SeaBear Smoked Salmon and we'll donate $10 to Birthday Dreams.  Join us in supporting an organization that brings hope, joy and a sense of self-worth to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party.