Fun, Fresh Takes On The Classic Art Of The Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

They're all about the challenge!

Woodinville, Washington

A lifelong puzzler, Whitney Sheehan began to experiment with creating her own puzzles in 2016. Tired of traditional cut patterns, Whitney designed Bewilderness's signature "geometric style" which was so special, she wanted to share it with the world. Partnering with local artists for the images, Bewilderness was launched in 2017 and the puzzle world was forever changed. Their puzzles are manufactured from premium birch/basswood and printed on ultra-premium photo paper for the perfect finish.  Some of the local artists featured on their puzzles include Henry, Brooke Westlund, Stasia Burrington and more! 


What makes a precision laser-cut wood puzzle special? - The fit and feel: The tactile sensation of handling wooden pieces, the softly clattering sound of sifting through the pieces in the box, and the tight fit of the pieces with each other is a delightful sensory experience.  Their alluring cut patterns makes their puzzles stand out from the competition. Whether it is their signature geometric cut pattern, featuring no edge pieces, or one of their new tessellation designs, puzzling with Bewilderness is a totally unique experience!